2009, september
Stop motion film: the growing blob
2´32 min
Participants: people passing by

Schwalbach am Taunus

An animated film was shown in an empty commercial space on the marketplace in Schwalbach am Taunus. The progression of the motivic sequence and the story itself were left to passersby, who were invited to plot out the next motive or motion on the walls. Stop-motion animation was used for the drawings and photos.

Our thanks to all those who were involved and lent their assistance:
Lea, Andrej A, Theresa Sch, Woo-Hyeun K, Alexander F, Adrian F, Veena S, Sahan U, Dilara Y, David B, Serena C, Melda C, Karin L, Hermann L, Tobias T, Clara T, Carolin J, Dimitri J, Andy B, Luca P, Sophie P, Erika K, Arjin , Marwan, Beske, Angelique, Redovane L, Mehmet A, Maria, Elena R, Sema, Ali P, Zana, Salma A, Faysal, Janina, Maximilian, Catharina U, Edis S, Dilara C, Eda-Nur G, Kübra K, Furkan B, Yasmine A, Reyhan P, Misaa Sch, Melda G, Judit Z, Ceren P, Lisa, Michi and Swobl
Stage-directors: Oliver Heinzenberger, Claudia Gaida
Cut: Claudia Gaida
Copyright: Claudia Gaida